Why I Feel So Dry?

Q: Recently I’ve been feeling mouth dry, eyes dry, my vagina is dry, and I lost a handful of  beloved hair each day. My skin all over the body feels so itchy. Strangely the skin that is exposed to outside isn’t that itchy. I don’t know if it’s a season thing, but I’m sure it’s not a psychology thing. Shall I visit the doctor? Is this caused by a certain disease?


A: It might be Sjogren’s syndrome. But we’ll recommend to visit a doctor as always. It’s good for us all to know more about how to stay healthy, but it doesn’t mean we should try to treat disease on our own.

Sjogren’s syndrome (Sjögren syndromess) is a kind of chronic autoimmune disease which violates the secretion of glands, especially the salivary gland and lacrimal gland. The main symptoms are dry mouth, dry eyes. Sjogren’s syndrome can be severe, because it might carry multiple organ damages. This syndrome is also known as autoimmune exocrine glandular disease (autoimmune exocrine gland disease), and Sjogren syndrome with dry arthritis syndrome. It often overlaps with other rheumatism or autoimmune diseases.


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