What Should We Know About Super Gonorrhea?

What should we know about super gonorrhea?

Super gonorrhea is a kind of new strain of gonorrhea, it’s also a sexually transmitted disease that is resistent to most of the antibiotics we have.

The major cause of the spread of super gonorrhea is unprotected oral sex. Oral sex can transmit Neisseria gonorrhoeae from someone’s privates to your throat and vice versa.

Here are some pictures of super gonorrhea:

The reasons for antibiotic resistence include:

  • Firstly, the antibiotics are often over-prescribed.
  • Then, Doctors don’t always prescribe the treatment considered most effective at the time of infection.

So, in daily life, if you have sex, wear a condom; if you have a cold, don’t take antibiotics; and if you are prescribed antibiotics, please finish the entire course.

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