How Does Pyloroplasty Work for Gastroparesis?

How does pyloroplasty work for gastroparesis?

Pyloroplasty is a surgical treatment for the partial or complete blockage of the pylorus which restricts the flow of food between the stomach and small intestine or duodenum.

So, pyloroplasty can be performed for the treatments of gastroparesis when medications fail to deal with the problem.

Pyloroplasty is almost always performed laparoscopically as it significantly reduces the risks of surgery as well as offering patients a faster and less complicated recovery.

During pyloroplasty, doctors may make three or four tiny incisions in the abdomen under general anesthesia, pass through these incisions with specially made laparoscopic tools.

Then the blockage can be released through those incisions in the muscles of the pyloric sphincter, and the doctors finally reshape the pyloric valve surgically to ensure long-term efficacy.

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