Dengue Virus by PCR

Dengue Virus by PCR is used to diagnose dengue fever caused by dengue virus, especially after a journey to tropical areas.

Results and Meanings:

  • Positive: There is dengue infection.
  • Negative: There may be no dengue infection. Antibody testing is needed.

Antibody Testing Results and Meanings:

Antibody (IgG, IgM) Testing results can be presented in two ways:

Positive or Negative:

  • Positive: It’s likely that the dengue infection happened within recent weeks. But it’s also possible that it is a different infection caused by other viruses, such as chikungunya.
  • If the IgG test result is positive while the IgM is negative, it may indicate that there used to be a dengue infection.

Antibody Titer:

IgM Result IgG Result Possible Interpretation
Positive Negative Current Infection
Positive Positive Current Infection
Negative/Low/Not Tested Four-fold increase Recent Infection
Negative Positive Past Infection
Negative Negative Equivocal


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