CMV Blood Test: Possible Results

CMV Blood Test detects the presence of the antibodies to cytomegalovirus (CMV), so as to diagnose CMV infection.

What are the possible results?

The CMV Blood Test results are drawn from 3 groups: CMV IgG, CMV IgG, and CMV DNA.

Therefore, the results are complicated.

  • 2 positive results of CMV IgM and IgG suggest CMV infection. However, whether it’s recently gotten or reactivated, is hard to tell.
  • In the circumstance described above, if the level of IgG increases 4 times, it means that the person has an active infection.
  • A positive result of CMV IgM, with a negative one of CMV IgG, indicates a recent infection, although there’s still possibility that it was a reactivated infection.
  • In the case of two “negatives” for CMV IgM and IgG tests, the situation appears to tell that the person is healthy from CMV infection. However, as a negative result of IgG or IgM may be caused by other disorders, “negative” doesn’t ensure against infection. So, the CMV DNA test is introduced.
  • If the CMV DNA test result is positive, then the person has an active infection.
  • Similarly, a negative result on a CMV DNA test cannot exclude the possibility of infection either.

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