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Swine Flu and H1N1 Flu, Are They the Same?

BY Paul

How does it feel like when people are infected?

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CDC: These Healthy Habits Help You Prevent Flu

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The Needle-free FluMist Vaccine is Coming Back

BY George Anderson

Federal panel says, it’s OK for doctors to start using a kid-friendly nasal spray flu vaccine again. FluMist, is the o ...

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Flu Season Getting Worse - Protect Children


2018 Flu Season is still "on the rise" according to CDC officials, it's at least as bad as in 2009 swine flu, hospitals ...

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What Causes Your Low Back Pain: “Swiss Cheese” Bones May Be Blamed

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Flu Test

BY Matt Young

Flu Test is taken to determine if you have an influenza infection. You may submit a nasal or throat swab, depending upon ...

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