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Blood pressure - How Low Is Dangerous?

BY Jordan M. Heck

Blood pressure (BP) is the pressure of circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels. Normal resting blood pressure in ...

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Why We like Harry Potter: Physical Senses Are Linked with Fictional Worlds

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Normal Blood Pressure


Top number (systolic) in mm Hg And/or Bottom number (diastolic) in mm Hg Your category* What to do† *Ranges may be lo ...

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Normal Blood Pressure Table

BY George Anderson

We all know that blood pressure is important for any age.  Your doctor may tell you something about the systolic (the ...

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Keto Diet May Protect You from the Flu

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Case - Hereditary High Blood Pressure

BY Ab. Schmitt

Q: Pamela bean: Can it just be hereditary because I’m not iver weight be I work hard everyday consist of moving aro ...

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