Pet Owners May Live Longer

Pet owners are often convinced that keeping cats or dogs can improve their quality of life, and now we find that this argument is scientifically based. A recent study showed that raising dogs can improve people’s heart health. Then a broader question was raised – can keeping pets improve people’s health and longevity?

There was a study about the factors that affect longevity, the study lasted more than 10 years and scientists found 9 major factors that affect longevity. Four our of the nine, are related to pets and pets owners.

1. Everyday natural exercises

One of the important reasons why pets improves people’s health condition is walking dogs. However, there are quite a few other exercises for pet owners, such as feeding pets, purchasing pet foods, and learning how to raise pets. All these cut the time of sitting quietly and increase the time of indoor activities, which will further promote the health condition.

2. Faith

Simply speaking, keeping pets can give us a reason to get up early every day.

Research has confirmed that keeping pets is of great significance for elderly people to reduce risk of long-term mental illnesses, and chronic diseases.

An ongoing study interviewed the elderly group on the health effects of keeping pets. The results show that keeping pets can reduce the chances of people committing suicide. Pets can cause people to feel “needed” and emotionally tied, which will effectively prevent people from committing suicide. After all, the main cause of suicide is lack of the sense of being needed.

3. Regular decompression

Interacting with pets can lower stress level. There are evidences that keeping pets can reduce heart rate, and sleeping with pets can improve people’s sleep quality.

4. The sense of belonging

At the so-called “relationship” level, pets can significantly increase people’s life expectancy. Pets play the role of social catalysts, to increase people’s social contacts, improve people’s sense of belonging and improve people’s life span.

The health benefits for pet owners come from both the physical side and the psychological side. Evidence has shown the correlation between the incidence of heart disease and psychological discomfort. Elderly people think that keeping pets can reduce the feeling of  loneliness and social isolation. Evidence has also shown that the feeling of loneliness is more harmful than obesity to health. So it’s true that keeping pets helps with longevity.




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