The Analysis of the ACA Test

Cardiolipin antibodies are proteins found in your body that work against cardiolipin. Cardiolipin is a molecule found in your blood platelets and various cell membranes. It is one of a group of molecules called phospholipids.

You need cardiolipin in order to help regulate blood clotting throughout your body.

Sometimes though, your body can mistake cardiolipin for an attacking substance. As a result, your body creates soldier-like molecules to fight against the cardiolipin.

If a person is positive for ACA and has symptoms of crest, then it is likely that the person has limited cutaneous scleroderma.

ACA is found in about 60-80% of people who have limited cutaneous scleroderma and can be present in up to 95% of those who have crest syndrome.

If someone is negative for ACA, then it is likely that the person’s symptoms are due to another condition.

However, it is possible, though rare, that the individual has limited cutaneous scleroderma and does not produce anticentromere antibodies.

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