Acute Viral Hepatitis Panel

Acute Viral Hepatitis Panel Test is needed when there’s possibility that you get hepatitis virus (HAV, HBV) infection.

There can be two sets of results.

Set one

(N: negative; P: positive; A: hepatitis A; B: hepatitis B; C: hepatitis C)

Anti-hepatitis A, IgM P N N N N
Hepatitis B surface antigen N P P N N
Anti-hepatitis B core, IgM N P N P N
Anti-hepatitis C N N N N P
Interpretation Acute A Acute B Chronic B Acute B Acute or chronic C


Set Two

  • When hepatitis A antibodies (IgM and IgG) are all negative, there is no prior or current HAV infection. Meanwhile, when hepatitis A antibodies are all positive, there is/was exposure to HAV or HAV vaccine.
  • Positive results for all hepatitis B core antibodies suggest exposure to HBV or HBV vaccine.
  • A positive result for hepatitis B surface antibody test indicates that an HBV infection has been resolved, and a negative one indicates the contrary.


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