Already on Gluten-free Diet, Should I Test for Celiac?

Q: I have very sensitive digestion tract, two years ago I started gluten-free diet, and I’ve been feeling much improved. Do I need to take a test of celiac disease? Cause I was thinking, no matter positive or not, I will keep on gluten-free anyway.

A: It’s good that you’ve already put yourself on gluten-free diet and improved the symptoms. However, the symptoms of yours may not be caused by Celiac disease. Celiac disease, gluten sensitive, and wheat allergy can appear very similar or even identical symptoms. For wheat allergy, although wheat is the main source of gluten, you will still be able to take non-wheat food that contains gluten. Because gluten-free diet is expensive, and could result in weight gain or nutritional deficiencies. At least we can have a test so that we know for sure that a gluten-free diet is necessary. 

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