Alternative Treatments for Pancreatic Cancer: What Are They?


What are the alternative treatments for pancreatic cancer?


Faced with pancreatic cancer, sometimes we are willing to give an alternative treatment a try. It helps ease stress or relieve symptoms and side effects of the disease. Here are some types of alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer:

Massage therapy
Herbal products
Vitamins or special diets
Spiritual healing.

In most cases, people will combine alternative treatments with standard treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. But some types of treatment may interfere with standard methods.  Therefore, we should talk to our doctor prior to starting any alternative treatments. Better giving these questions a thought before choosing the alternative:

What benefits can I expect from this approach?
What are its risks?
Do the expected benefits outweigh the risks?
What side effects should I watch for?
Will this alternative treatment change the way my current pancreatic cancer treatment works?
Could this treatment be harmful?

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