Am I Likely to Get the Gestational Diabetes?

I am pregnant for 5 months. My doctor said my blood sugar is a little bit high in the latest examination. Am I at risk of the gestational diabetes? I am so worried.

Pregnancy is both sweet and concerning. So please don’t be depressed. Any problems happen in your pregnancy can only make you stronger because you are going to be the best mummy, right?

Gestational diabetes, is a relatively common complication of pregnancy which happen in almost 6% of all pregnant women. And 90% of the patients can get cured after childbirth.  So just be relaxed and check out the possible risks:
• obesity
• high blood pressure
• your previous child is greater than 9 pounds
• previous gestational diabetes history
• a family history of diabetes
• older than 30

If you have some concerns about those risks, do not hesitate to talk to your doctors. In a word, be positive to any questions and disorders during your pregnancy! Wish you have a healthy baby!


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