AMAS Blood Test

Anti-malignin antibody serum (AMAS) is a putative general antibody marker for malignant cancers.

The Anti-malignin antibody serum (AMAS) blood test is a cancer detection blood test that can be used effectively for almost every type of malignancy. When there is cancer in the body, it produces antibodies that are designed to fight off the disease. When the cancer is active, then these short-term AMAS antibodies are produced.

Positive results generally indicate cancer.

Negative results generally indicate no malignancy.

It should be noticed that a malignancy may completely eliminate the antibodies that are created so they will not be detected. Sometimes breast cancers may also show up as a false negative. Therefore, it is important to have additional testing completed if cancer is suspected just to make sure there is nothing serious that must be treated.

People who need AMAS blood test include:

  • Past cancer sufferers.
  • Current cancer sufferers.
  • People who live in toxic environments.
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