Any Breakfast Ideas for People with Diabetes?


Any breakfast ideas for people with diabetes?



Classic breakfasts for people with diabetes:

1)      Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs is a great choice for people with diabetes. The making of them is easy and time-saving.

2)      Omelets

A large egg contains at least 6 grams of protein. When making your omelet, you are suggested to add avocado and some veggies instead of sausage or bacon.

3)      Yogurt

Protein-rich Greek yogurt (10g protein/100g) is a very healthy choice. It contains some good fats and fiber. If you prefer sweet foods, add some cranberries or blueberries.

4)      Oatmeal

Unsweetened oatmeal is easy to make and some studies show that it may be helpful in reducing insulin resistance for some individuals. You may also want to add some berries, nuts and yogurt to improve its flavor. The protein and fiber contained in these toppings help your body get a mild increase in blood sugar rather than a spike.

5)      French toast or pancakes

If you’re eating breakfast outside, remember to order whole-grain bread. You can also make them yourself at home. Some peanut butter or no-sugar-added fruit is a good choice to add into your French toast or pancakes.

6)      Cottage cheese

This is another great choice for breakfast. Except the cheese, you can add some fruit or nuts into your yogurt to make a more balanced meal.



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