Any Ear Drops for Ear Infections?

Any ear drops for ear infections?

Ear drops are medicines used to treat or prevent ear infections, especially the infections of the outer ear and ear canal.

Examples of prescribed ear drops are:

  • Ciprodex ear drops, containing ciprofloxacin and dexamethasone.
  • Ciproxin HC ear drops, containing ciprofloxacin and hydrocortisone.
  • Gentisone HC ear drops, containing gentamicin and hydrocortisone.
  • Kenacomb ear drops, containing triamcinolone acetonide, neomycin and gramicidin (antibiotics) and nystatin (antifungal).
  • Sofradex ear drops, containing Neomycin sulfate, Gramicidin, (Antibiotics) Dexamethasone sodium metasulfobenzoate (steroid) and Phenylethyl alcohol (inactive ingredient).

Examples of over-the-counter ear drops include:

  • Spirit drops (alcohol solution) used to dry out the ear.
  • Aqua Ear containing a mixture of substances such as alcohol and acetic acid, used for swimmer’s ear.

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