Any Information about Hearing Aids Pricing?

Is there any information about hearing aids pricing?

Here is some information about the seven most common devices for reference. Costs are per aid.

  • Behind the ear (BTE): COST: $1,580-$2,769.
  • Mini behind the ear (Mini BTE): COST: $1,580-$2,769.
  • Receiver in canal (RIC): COST: $1,694-$2,993.
    Recently several manufacturers have developed advanced RIC hearing aids (average cost around $3,000) that are compatible with and can be adjusted using an Apple mobile device like the iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • In the ear (ITE): COST: $1,600-$2,757.
  • In the canal (ITC): COST: $1,716-$2,861.
  • Completely in the canal (CIC): COST: $1,695-$2,958.
  • Invisible in the canal (IIC): COST: $1,695-$2,958.

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