Any Information about Retrocalcaneal Bursitis?

Any information about retrocalcaneal bursitis?

Retrocalcaneal bursitis refers to the inflammation of the bursa located between the calcaneus and the anterior surface of the Achilles tendon.

There are two bursae located just superior to the insertion of the Achilles (calcaneal) tendon: Anterior or deep to the tendon is the retrocalcaneal bursa; posterior or superficial to the Achilles tendon is the subcutaneous calcaneal bursa.

Retrocalcaneal bursitis can be caused by several factors, like altered joint axis, overtraining in athletes, wearing tight or poorly fitting shoes, excessive activities, etc.

If retrocalcaneal bursitis developed, you will feel pain at the back of the heel, and have swollen, tender heels. The pain can even get worse when standing on tiptoes.

Here is a picture of retrocalcaneal bursitis, you can treat it as a reference:

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