Any Information about Starkey Hearing Aids Prices?

Can you tell me some information about Starkey hearing aids prices?

Here are some of the models and prices of Starkey hearing aids:

Muse IQ i2400 / Halo IQ i2400: £1695
Muse IQ i2000 / Halo IQ i2000: £1395
Muse IQ i1600 / Halo IQ i1600: £1095
Muse IQ i1200: £795
Muse IQ i1000: £595
Soundlens IQ i2400: £1995
Soundlens IQ 2000: £1695
Soundlens IQ 1600: £1495

If you need information about more models, can serve as your reference.

Remember to consult an audiologist and get your hearing tested before you make the purchase.

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