Any Treatment for Redness Caused by Rosacea?

What are the treatments for redness caused by rosacea?

Redness on your face is one of the common rosacea symptoms. Some treatments may help improve your condition.

  • Skin care
    It not only refers to your daily skin care products, but also includes the way you wash your face. Remember to be gentle and tender to your skin. Mild products are recommended.
  • Sunscreen
    Sunlight is one of the leading causes of rosacea. You should protect your skin from sunlight by wearing hats, scarves, and masks, or by applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Avoid going out in the heat of the day.
  • Laser therapy
    Laser therapies and light therapies may be helpful, although they tend to cost high. Remember to see a qualified doctor or dermatologist.

Since the conditions vary from individual to individual, it is important to ask for professional advice before you choose any treatment option. Otherwise, an unsuitable treatment may have serious side effects and even do harm to you.

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