Are Natural Remedies Dffective for Type 2 Diabetes?

Diet, exercise and medication consist of three traditional diabetes treatments. Besides, natural remedies are emerging these days.

Acupuncture has shown its value in neuropathy to relieve chronic pain. As a procedure to inserting needles into skin, it is working on the nerve pain relief for the diabetes.

It is a technique that emphasizes relaxation and stress-reduction techniques, making you know well of your body’s response to pain.

Guided imagery
This therapy focuses on mental relaxation. Guided imagery uses ocean waves, or other peaceful mental images to help you control disease.

Natural Dietary Supplements
Supplements such as chromium, ginseng, vanadium, coenzyme Q10 has shown some effects on diabetes controlling, but their further researches remain to be done.

Natural remedies are still in developing. Their effects are not sure but deserve expecting.


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