Are There Any Clinical Trials for COPD So Far?

Q: Should I consider joining a clinical trial as part of my COPD treatment plan?

A: Much of the information doctors have today about the treatment of COPD comes from scientific investigation process called a clinical trial. It is kind of research study. Clinical trials generate new information about COPD treatments, offering more options for people who are seeking COPD treatments.

Q: What are the results of those clinical trials?

A: There are currently more than a thousand active clinical trials related to COPD. They include the following subjects:

  •         Does treating acid reflux disease affect COPD exacerbations?        
  •     What kinds of coping skills will help people with COPD and those who care for them?
  •         What can be done to make breathing easier during exercise?
  •         How do specific medicines help COPD patients?

Q: How can I join the clinical trials?

A: Each clinical trial will specify what type of COPD patients they are looking for. If your needs match up with the kind of person they need, you can get in touch with the people running the COPD clinical trial for more information. There will be a screening interview and health exam to confirm whether you can participate.

For more information, you should consult your doctor.

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