Are There Any Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites?

Are there any home remedies for mosquito bites?

There are many home remedies for mosquito bites. They aren’t so costly, and you can just do it at your home.

Firstly, salt is a natural cure for mosquito bites.Take some salt and add some water. Make it like a thick paste. Apply this thick salt paste to the mosquito bite zone.

Secondly, Garlic is a cheap and easy thing to repel mosquitoes. Just take a piece of Garlic and rub it to the affected area. It will tickle for a moment and the itch disappears after some time.

Thirdly, Aloe Vera a Natural remedy for mosquito bites. take an Aloe Vera stem and apply the gel directly to the portion. The gel cools down the affected area and will stop the itching right away. Aloe Vera can also be treated as a remedy for swelling. It will stop the swelling too.

Fourthly, toothpaste too solves the issue of itching and reduce the pain.

Use a dry bar of soap and rub it to the affected area for some time. This will also ease the itching and it acts as a temporary solution.

Vinegar is also helpful. You can take some vinegar onto your hand and apply it to that particular section.

Honey and Onion can be used as a remedy for a mosquito bite.

Besides, Baking Soda mixed with small amount of water can be used to treat swelling and itching. So make the paste properly and apply it the affected area.

There are a few types of oils which help in stopping the itching, such as Cedar oil, rosemary, lavender and also Neem. Take some amount of oil and add some water to it. Apply this solution to the affected portion and you will see a temporary relief.


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