Are There any Natural Cure for Kidney Failure?

Are there any natural cure for kidney failure?

No, there is no natural treatment that can cure kidney disease. But there are indeed some natural remedies to slow down the progression of kidney disease and prolong patient’s lifespan.

Besides medical treatments like dialysis and kidney transplant, treatments done at home include:

Things you should avoid:

  • reducing the amount of salt in your diet
  • eating less potassium
  • lowering your amount of protein intake.

Things you may try more:

  • intake of dandelion
  • parsley juice
  • cranberry juice
  • apple cider vinegar
  • herbal tea
  • barberry

These are the most well-known and trusted ways to treat various kidney diseases.

In addition to dietary means, we advise you to take more gentle and ease sports like yoga, tai chi and qi gong. It can help strength the patient’ physical fitness and enhance their immunity.

Most importantly, keep in a good mood. It is always helpful to your body when you smile a lot!

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