Basic Information of Achenbach Syndrome

Basic Information of Achenbach Syndrome

Achenbach syndrome is a rare and abnormal condition where a blood blister develops spontaneously on the palm of the hand and on the fingers. In mild cases, the condition can recover on its own within a few days after the onset. Women are more susceptible to it than men.


If diagnosed late, the achenbach syndrome can lead to serious vascular diseases. Common causes behind this syndrome are as follows:

  • Decrease in blood flow
  • Usage of certain medications such as ergotamine (medications of migraine)
  • Trauma


The followings are some visible symptoms of achenbach syndrome:

  • Swollen fingers or thumb
  • Finger redness
  • Sudden pinching pain on affected fingers and hand
  • Paroxysmal hematoma on the affected fingers and hand


Generally, treatments for achenbach syndrome vary from cause to cause. In mild cases, it can resolve on its own within few days after the onset.

If the achenbach syndrome is caused by decreased blood flow, anticoagulants are usually prescribed to regulate.

If the achenbach syndrome is caused by trauma, proper surgery needs to be performed to clear the obstruction.

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