Blood Creatinine Test Results

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Blood creatinine test helps to diagnose kidney disease and evaluate the health conditions of your kidneys. It measures the level of creatinine in the blood.

Creatinine, a kind of waste product, forms when creatine in your muscle breaks down. If you show signs of kidney disease like appetite loss, sleeping problems, nausea, high blood pressure, vomiting, swollen faces, ankles and so on, you may need this test.

Generally, for adults age between 18 to 60 years old, normal creatinine levels are:

  • 0.9-1.3 mg/dL for males
  • 0.6-11 mg/dL for females

High serum creatinine levels in the blood indicate kidney problems or diseases.

Low serum creatinine levels in the blood are not common, so they aren’t usually any cause for concern.

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