Breast Cancer Gene Expression Tests

Breast cancer gene expression tests are the tests finding the patterns of certain genes, which can help predict whether some early-stage ( stage 1 or 2) breast cancers are likely to reoccur after initial treatment, thus judging whether women can benefit from chemotherapy after breast surgery.

Common tests that pay attention to different sets of breast cancer genes include The Oncotype DX® and The MammaPrint®.

The Oncotype DX® looks at a set of 21 genes in cancer cells from tumor biopsy samples to get “recurrence score”, numbered between 0 and 100.
Recurrence score range between 0-10 means lower risk of recurrence.
Recurrence score range between 11-25 means intermediate risk of recurrence.
Recurrence score range between 26-100 means higher risk of recurrence.

The MammaPrint® looks at 70 different genes to judge whether the cancer is at lower risk of recurring in the next 10 years or not.

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