CA 19-9 Test – Normal Range

The normal values for CA 19 – 9 are 0-37 U/ml, and this range is unisex for all age groups.

This test is done to measures the level of antigens in the serum. Methods for testing the presence of CA 19-9 and the results vary from lab to lab.

It is advised that you have the tests done by the same method and if possible in the same laboratory. It is also noted that an elevated CA 19-9 level cannot always signifies pancreatic cancer.

The CA 19-9 blood test is a medical health test used to determine the presence of a specific marker in the blood. This marker, known as the CA 19-9 marker corresponds to cancer specific to the pancreas.

The pancreas is an organ located in the abdomen which produces juices used for digestion. Pancreatic juices work along with other digestive enzymes produced in the stomach and liver to process food fully.

Pancreatic cancer affects this part of the body. This type of cancer is often difficult to detect because the gland is located deep within the abdomen. The gland is also quite small, so the detection of tumor masses on such a gland is not very easy. Therefore, the CA 19-9 blood test is used to detect pancreatic cancer.

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