Can a Person Die from Cervical Cancer?


Is cervical cancer a deadly disease?


Cervical cancer can be cured if it is diagnosed early with appropriate treatment. But high-stage bladder cancer is hard to treat and can be deadly. How lethal the cancer is depends on its stage and type. The survival rate decreases as the stage develops.

Cervical cancer was the leading cause of cancer death for women in the US. Now the leading cause is breast cancer. In the last four decades, the number of cervical cancer cases and that of deaths from it have significantly dropped. The obvious decline is due to Pap smear, through which you can find abnormal cells and cure them before they turn into cancer cells. Therefore, the death rate decreased in the past few years.

In 2014, 12,578 women in the US were diagnosed with cervical cancer, and 4,115 women died from it. In the same year, deaths from cervical cancer in the UK was 890, accounting for only 1% of all deaths in the country that year.


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