Can a Person with Heart Disease (Atrial Fibrillation) Drive?

Q: My mom has heart disease. Her doctor said that it was atrial fibrillation. I’m worried that she might have an episode while driving. It’s so dangerous! Can episodes be predicted? Can she drive a car?

A: Some AFib patients can feel the incoming episode of their heart disease, while other can’t. No matter in which case the patient is, she can control the triggers to put off and even prevent the episode. These triggers are excessive intake of alcohol and coffee, stress, anxiety, poor sleep and sleep apnea syndrome.

Most patients with atrial fibrillation can drive, but it is best to confirm it with the doctor in advance. Some AFib patients live with dizziness and syncope. Their doctor may ask them to avoid driving in case of car accidents. If the patient feels dizzy while driving, she’d better pull over and rest. If it is necessary, she could call for medical assistance.



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