Can Alcohol Cause AFib?

Q: My father often drinks wine. He is not an addict, but neither is he a moderate drinker. About 3 days ago he had a racing heartbeat suddenly. It lasted for around 2 minutes. Can alcohol cause AFib? Does my father have AFib?

A: Many studies and articles in medical magazines suggest that a glass of wine with dinner is good for the heart. It is true. But you have to control the intake within a moderate range. If a person drinks alcohol excessively, his risk of atrial fibrillation rises.

Once the intake of wine exceeds the appropriate range, more alcohol means more risk. Studies have shown that for every extra daily drink, the risk goes up by 8%.

If you are really worried about your father’s physical condition, you should let him see a doctor. Racing heartbeat is one of the symptoms of AFib, but it is not enough for diagnosis. Besides, excessive drinking may cause several diseases other than AFib.



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