Can Antibiotics Be Used to Treat Sepsis?

Can antibiotics be used to treat sepsis?


Sepsis is a medical emergency. In other words, you should get treatment the moment you notice any early symptoms.

Treatment for sepsis depends on different conditions of patients. But the main treatment for sepsis, severe sepsis or septic shock is antibiotics.

When you and your doctor find sepsis early enough, you may take a course of tablets at home. While you will receive intravenous antibiotics treatment if you have stepped into the second or the third stages. Because they can get into the blood system quickly and efficiently.

What types of antibiotics to choose?

In fact, there is usually no time to identify a specific type of infection and decide the ones to use. So doctors choose broad-spectrum antibiotics first. These can work against a wide range of known infectious bacteria.

Once a specific bacterium has emerged, your doctor may change them with a more focused one.


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