Can Anyone Share A Detailed Diet Guideline for the Diabetes with Hypertension? Dos and don'ts? Thank you!!!!

In general, patients with diabetes and hypertension should bear the following tips in mind.

1. Put your diabetic diet in the priority. In the premise of a balanced nutrition, you should avoid excessive consumption. More high-fiber foods are recommended and never let your vitamins and micronutrient intake lower than average. Of course, less fatty and sweet foods such as candies, chocolate and barbecue, less alcohol and no smoking.
This diabetic diet also fits for the hypertension.

2. Salt is important in hypertension eating. Set a limit to your salt intaking in two months for a try, and you will see an obvious decrease in your blood sugar. And the decrease is more salient for the black and the elderly.

3. Avoid obesity. Make yourself more addicted in the physical activities. A life with much optimism and no fatigue works well for any disease!



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