Can Asparagus Be A Cure for Cancer?

Foods help against cancer come in variety. However, just to be clear, help doesn’t mean cure.

Why it’s asparagus’ turn to be on the anti-cancer stage?

Asparagus features methionine, an amino acid. This acid can work with  folate and vitamin B6, making a great cancer fighting effect. Besides, glutathione is one of the best options against cancer which can also be found in the asparagus. Moreover, saponins are rich in asparagus, with an amazing  anti-inflammatory effect.

In conclusion, asparagus ranks top in the anti-cancer foods list. We may not have such a panacea of cancer, but we do have a better food choice for a healthy diet. And asparagus can be beneficial to menopause, infertility, and loss of libido.

For now, there is no miracle cure for cancer. You can pay more attention to some authoritative websites such as Mayo Clinic, Nature and so on for the update on cancer cures.

The best cure, or prevention for all diseases is a balanced life which features healthy eating and regular exercise.


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