Can Bladder Tumors be Benign in Women?

Q: I am a woman who is 57 years old. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer yesterday and now I am searching information about it. But there is a question that I can’t find the answer. Can bladder tumors be benign in women?

A: Generally tumors are divided into two types, benign tumors and malignant tumors. Just like any other tumor, some bladder tumors must belong to benign ones, be the patient male or female. That’s to say, bladder tumors can be benign both in men and women.

It’s much easier for doctors to copy with benign bladder tumors than malignant ones. The former does not spread to other parts of the body, while the latter can invade into other structures and organs besides its original habitat. In most cases, benign bladder tumors are not life-threatening. They can be entirely cured.

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