Can Botulism Be Cooked Out?

Can botulism be cooked out?

YES. BUT only when the temperature reaches boiling.

Heating to high temperatures will kill the spores.

Specifically speaking, temperature greater than boiling (212°F) is able to kill spores. So we recommend pressure cookers for home canning (reaching at least 250-250°F). The toxin can be destroyed at > 185°F after five minutes or longer, or at > 176°F for 10 minutes or longer.

For safety, remember boil home-canned foods for 10 minutes or longer.

Besides, after cookings, you should refrigerate all leftover within 2 hours  and within 1 hour if the ambient temperature is > 90°F.

If you suspect the food has botulism bacteria or toxin inside, throw it right away.

As there is no vaccine for C. botulinum, and anti-toxin is not useful for prevention, you should pay every attention when making can foods.


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