Can Cervical Polyps Be Cancerous?


I was diagnosed with a polyp in the cervix. But I know little about it. Can it be cancerous?


A polyp is a small unhealthy growth in your body. A cervical polyp usually locates on the surface of your cervix. Its color is often red to purple. The appearance is like a bulb. And the size varies from 1 cm to 2cm long. In most cases, a cervical polyp is benign, which means that it is not cancerous.

Cervical polyps can be found through a Pap test. When it is detected in your cervix, you may have the following symptoms:

Periods heavier than usual

Vaginal bleeding after intercourse

Vaginal bleeding after menopause

Vaginal bleeding between periods

Abnormal vaginal discharge that may stink because of infection


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