Can Essential Oils Help to Ease Trigeminal Neuralgia Symptoms?

Can essential oils help to ease trigeminal neuralgia symptoms?

Some essential oils are effective to ease trigeminal neuralgia symptoms. Trigeminal neuralgia is the condition in which blood vessel applies pressure on the trigeminal nerve. And it will cause severe pain when you contact your cheek area like eating, chewing, talking, applying make-up, and brushing the teeth. The pain may last for several days to months.

Some essential oils are effective to relieve trigeminal neuralgia symptoms, these essential oils include evening primrose essential oil and verbena essential oil. They can help to relax nerve and reduce pain.

Essential oils are used as natural remedy to ease trigeminal neuralgia symptoms. Some other choices include capsaicin, Epsom salt, peppermint, and colloidal silver.

If you have some possible symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia, you should consult your doctor for advice.

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