Can Eye Drops Cure Presbyopia?

Can eye drops cure presbyopia?

It can cure to some extent. Generally, people often turn to monovision LASIK, corneal inlays, multifocal IOLs, blended vision LASIK and so on to treat presbyopia, but surgeries are not for everyone.

The only nonsurgical treatments for presbyopia are eyeglasses and contact lenses. Eye drops are the new nonsurgical treatments for presbyopia.

It has been proved that PRX-100 and EV06 eye drops have the potential to cure presbyopia.

PRX-100 eye drop can let the light to be focused more centrally on the retina, thus improving clarity of vision across a range of distances. The only side effect may be a short-term “dimming” of vision.

EV06 eye drop can soften the lens in our eyes by un-crosslinking the collagen fibers to restore accommodation and improve near vision.

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