Can I Use Over-The-Counter Treatments for My Pink Eye?

Can I use over-the-counter treatments for my pink eye?

If your situation is not severe, you can use both some over-the-counter treatments and some home remedies for your pink eye. But if your situation is severe, you’d better seek medical attention in time.

Some over-the-counter treatments:

  • Use artificial tears.
  • Use some allergy medications: for allergic pink eye.

Some home remedies:

  • Keep your eyelids clean: You can wash them with a mild soap.
  • Reduce your time on screen: You can take eye breaks during long tasks.
  • Put cold compresses on your eyes.
  • Remove your contact lenses and keep them clean.
  • Use a clean towel and often wash clothes.
  • Reduce the use of eye cosmetics.
  • Do not share eye cosmetics with other people.

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