Can People with COPD Apply for Benefits?

Q: Can I get some benefits from the society if I have COPD?

A: Yes, sure.  If you are unable to work due to advanced COPD, there may be help available. The Social Security Administration offers different assistance programs to help those with a disability support themselves.

Because COPD is incurable, patients must undergo treatment for the remainder of their lives, and though most cases occur in those over 45, the COPD foundation found 70 percent were under 65 years of age. Both the direct and the indirect cost of COPD are very high.

Q: How can I apply for it?

A: If you meet the medical requirements or you qualify with the medical-vocational allowance that the limitations COPD cause you, the SSA will approve you if they find you’re unable to earn their minimum monthly income of $1,130.

You can look the SSA official website and apply for it. The whole process will take you about 3-5 months.

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