Can Rheumatic Fever Lead to Heart Murmurs?


Can rheumatic fever lead to heart murmurs?


Heart murmurs refer to the sounds during your heartbeat cycle. Such sounds include whooshing and swishing and are caused by turbulent blood in or near your heart. Heart murmurs can both be congenital and develop later in life.

There two types of heart murmurs. Those who have innocent murmurs have normal hearts. However, abnormal murmurs indicate that there is something wrong with the heart.

One of the causes of abnormal murmurs is rheumatic fever. This kind of disease can cause permanent damage to the heart valves, which interferes with normal blood flow through the heart. In this way, the risk of developing heart murmurs can be increased significantly. Rheumatic fever is now rare in the developed world, but without prompt and complete treatments, the disease can still occur.


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