Can the Pacemaker Stop Atrial Fibrillation?

Q: I have been on medication treatment for atrial fibrillation since half a year ago. But I don’t think I can get recovered from the disease with medicines alone. Can a pacemaker get me out of this?

A: If the effect of medication is not as good as the you expected, usually your second choice should be ablation. The pacemaker does not treat atrial fibrillation itself. It is used to maintain a regular heartbeat for people whose heart rate is slow. Of course, it can be implanted in an AFib patient’s body.

A pacemaker is a battery-powered medical device which sends electrical impulses to “set a pace” so that the heart can maintain a regular heart rate. There are two basic types of pacemakers. One is single-chamber pacemaker, and the other is dual-chamber pacemaker. Both the two types are rate-response pacemakers.

One of the symptoms of AFib is a racing heartbeat. In the treatment, the doctor must find a way to slow it. In case the heart rate drops below the normal range due to medicines or other types of treatment, a pacemaker is implanted in the patient’s chest.



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