Can You Recommend Some Doctors for Gastroparesis?

Can you recommend some doctors for gastroparesis?

The following physicians were recommended by others with gastroparesis. The list here is intended for reference only. Here come the recommended doctors:

  • Dr. James P. Holmes in Huntsville
  • Dr. Jose S. Padilla in Van Buren
  • Dr. George Burdick in Scottsdale
  • Dr. Erik Pecha in Folsom
  • Dr. Jaya Punati in Los Angeles
  • Dr. Anastasia Waechter in Sacramento
  • Dr. Steven A. Kind in Thousand Oaks
  • Dr. Mayra Sanchez in New Haven
  • Dr. Nirmala Shanmugan in Lake Worth
  • Dr. Bruce Salzberg in Atlanta
  • Dr. Thomas Nowak in Anderson

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