Can You Suggest Some Lymphedema Products?

Can you suggest some lymphedema products?

Lymphedema is a condition in which the collection of fluids build up in one of your arms or legs. When treating lymphedema, you can take certain medications or change your diets, but you can also reduce or control the swelling through lymphedema products.

Here come my suggestions:

  • 8-chamber CircuFlow Lymphadema Garments
  • CircuFlow Lymphadema Pumps
  • JOBST Double Mastectomy Pads
  • JOBST Bella Strong Armsleeves
  • JOBST Bella Strong Gauntlets
  • Isoband Elastic Bandages by BSN Medical
  • FarrowWrap BASIC Leg Garments by BSN Medical
  • Bella Lite Ready-to-Wear Armsleeve and Gauntlet by Jobst

All the products above can be obtained through on-line shopping. Wish you health!

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