Can You Talk About Dyslexia Shops?

Can you talk about dyslexia shops?

As the name suggests, dyslexia shops are stores that provide special products to help dyslexia sufferers and their loved ones.

Possible products you may find in such a shop include:

  • Books. Books may be the main product of a dyslexia shop. These books may talk about how to create a dyslexia-friendly school, and how to identify dyslexia. Some book names are: Dyslexia: Early Identification, Dyslexia in the Workplace.
  • Webinars. These products are similar to books in terms of content. They talk about dyslexia-related guidance as well, but they are in digital form. Examples are: Employment Law and Dyslexia Webinar, How to support your dyslexic child at home.


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