Can You Tell Me Some Famous People with Down Syndrome?

Can you tell me some famous people with Down syndrome?

Most people with Down syndrome can live normal, happy lives with the correct care and support. Here are some famous people who have Down syndrome.

  • Luke Zimmerman – He starred in the series called The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Although he had been involved in acting for most of his life, the role of the adopted older brother in this family series is what catapulted him into celebrity status.
  • Lauren Potter – Lauren Potter is one of the famous people with Down syndrome. This blonde actress gained popularity on the TV show Glee.
  • Chris Burke – Christ Burke is the National Down Syndrome Society’s Goodwill Ambassador since 1994. He has used his celebrity status to bring awareness to Down syndrome worldwide. He is famous for his role as the beloved brother, Corcky of the Thacher family, in the popular TV show Life Goes On.
  • Angela Bachiller – Angela Bachiller became the first person with Down syndrome to be elected a councilwoman in her native Spain.

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