Can You Tell Me Some Famous People with Spina Bifida?

Can you tell me some famous people with spina bifida?

List of Famous People with (and who had) Spina bifida:

  • Rene Kirby – Rene Kirby is an American film and television actor. Kirby used spina bifida to his advantage when he played his role in shallow Hal, he was also in “Stuck on you” with Matt Damon. He is the living proof that you can lead a productive life even with disabilities.
  • Robert Hensel – Being an international poet and writer, Robert has never let spina bifida come in the way of his artistic mind. He was awarded the title of one of the best poets of the 20th century with over 900 publications worldwide and detains the world record at Guiness and Ripley’s for the longest non stop wheelie in a weelchair.
  • Jean Driscoll – She is a world-renowned athlete who is also making an impact as a professional speaker. Her motivational and powerful presentations have been lauded by CEO’s of corporate and non-profit enterprises, the U.S. government, and all levels of the education system.

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