Causes of Weak Urine Flow

Slow urinary stream in men is most often caused by enlarged prostate obstructing urine flow.  Infectious inflammation in prostate can also cause slow urinary flow in men.

Other causes of low urine stream in men include urethral strictures, poor contractility, or muscle weakness of the bladder wall.

Enlarged prostate is the most common cause of weak urinary stream in men over age 45.  The prostate impinges on the urethra and narrows down the urethral opening and the urine can’t pass smoothly. Therefore only weak urine flow is produced, and sometimes even irregular.

Enlarged prostate also causes symptoms including feeling of incomplete bladder emptying, urinary urgency, requent urination,  urge to wake up to urinate a few times over one night.

Other causes of irregular urination include prostate swelling, prostatitis, urethral strictures and bladder stones.

Men with weak urine flow need to have their urinary function evaluated. Urologists will help you. There’re a few tests to run.

  • Cystoscopy provides direct visual evaluation of the urethra and urinary bladder.
  • Urodynamic testing can test the muscles of urinary bladder.

Patients with good bladder function but low flow usually have obstruction from urethral stricture or enlarged prostate. In this case, treatment including medications, office procedures or surgery is effective and provides significant relief of symptoms.

If the slow urine is caused by infection, urologiest will give you drugs and you’ll feel relief in a short period of time.


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