Ceruloplasmin Blood Test: Reference Range

Ceruloplasmin is a type of protein that contains copper. So, ceruloplasmin test, by measuring the level of the protein in the blood, helps diagnose copper-related diseases such as Wilson disease (a disease that affects copper metabolism and causes excess copper in the body) and copper deficiency.

Reference Range:

Adults: 14 to 40 mg/dL (0.93 to 2.65 µmol/L)

Interpretations of the Results

Ceruloplasmin test results are not so specific for diagnosis. Therefore, they’re usually evaluated along with other copper tests.

  • Decreased ceruloplasmin level and increased urine copper level: Wilson disease.
  • Low ceruloplasmin level and low urine copper level: Copper deficiency.
  • Note: lots of things can affect copper metabolism, so the results are not definite.


Keywords: Ceruloplasmin; Ceruloplasmin, serum

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